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What are the suitable jobs for PGDM- Financial Management students?

The jobs like financial analyst, financial advisor, financial planner, audit specialist, tax consultant, portfolio manager, investment manager etc are offered to students who have completed Post Graduation Diploma in Management in Financial Management mostly in public and private sector banks, insurance companies, financial service / consultancy organizations, stock markets and IT companies etc., Students need the financial skills like analyzing balance sheet, procurement of funds, capital budgeting decisions, portfolio management, working capital management, understand the company’s financial position and advising for better profit making, ways to improve the financial stability & goodwill of their company, corporate tax planning & its implementationpricing decisions, understanding the micro and macro level changes in business environment and guiding the organizations accordingly. Students must have the awareness of how to handle funds in stock market, identify suitable time for transactions like buying and selling the stocks and also the skills required for proper fund management and mutual fund management. 

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